How to Make Your Dates More Interesting

Dating is one thing that has been a hot favorite amongst the youngsters since time immortal. Like all things else, this too has evolved over time. While in the 40’s and 50’s, just looking at each other and smiling was considered considerable communication, the 90’s and early 2000’s witnessed a revolutionizing change. The youngsters of this period became more open about their choices, likes and dislikes. Meeting and dating became a common practice all over India. Recently, a new trend has taken the dating scene by storm, which is online dating. It is the best platform to meet new people online, know them better and finally meet them and have the time of your life. It is that phase of life when you feel the butterflies in your stomach just by the mere thought of spending some quality time with the one whom you like. Who knows, this someone special might turn out to be the prince charming, who will be by your side all your life? Hence you need to make sure that whenever you meet your online crush, all things should be perfect. So here we have some tips for you, which will surely make your dates interesting:

  • Plan the dates together: Rather than planning the whole thing on your own, plan your date with your partner. Discuss your ideas with him and take his opinions about the meeting place into consideration. This way, you will both end up enjoying your date and have a memorable time.
  • Give him a gift: Well, what can be more interesting than turning the tables? While there is a huge possibility that your date might bring you a gift, surprise him pleasantly as well by getting a small gift or token for him. This way, he will always remember you, even once the date is over.
  • Go to out of the box places: Rather than meeting at the same old dating venues like movie theatres or restaurants, try thinking out of the box. Plan a date at whacky places like sports bars, racing tracks, gaming arcades etc. The recreation facilities like bowling, games etc. available at these places will not only make sure that you both enjoy yourself immensely, but will also help you both bond better.
  • Be a good listener: It’s always a good idea to be a good listener when out on a date. Listen to what your date has to say. It helps you a lot in having an inside peek into the kind of a person your date is. Moreover, it helps you determine his or her likes, dislikes, ambitions etc. which may come handy in the long run.
  • Dress as per the venue: Nothing can be more boring that not being dressed up appropriately on a date. It can turn out to be a big turn-off. Make sure to keep the venue in your mind while dressing up for your date. You don’t want to end up dressed in a little black dress with high heels in a sports bar, or vice versa.

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